I am a few days behind on my blog. After the Khoa San Road, I was staying with my dads friend Dave in Pattaya. I was there for 3 days. Pattaya is similar to Bangkok in many ways, but it is a smaller city so there was less people. It is located in the Golf of Thailand, so I got to enjoy some much missed ocean time. Pattaya is known for a street called Walking Street, filled with bars and night clubs. One night I saw a Thai cover band play classic rock songs all night, that sounded pretty good! One thing I wish we had at home is the Baht bus or a songthaew, for 10 Baht or 33¢ you can hop and ride that sucker till it turns around, which is about a 4 mile trip.

“Songthaew” or Baht Bus

The second day in Pattaya, I met with Allison from England, and we explored more of the city. We got some good Thai food for lunch, hung out by the pool and made fun of all the tourists, which we consider different than backpackers (which is what we are), went for a swim in the bath tub warm ocean.

Living it up!
Walking Street, Pattaya
Sunset at Sky Beach Condominiums, Pattaya

Off the coast about 2 miles is an island called Koh Larn. The island is only about 3 miles across and has one small village on it. I got to spend a whole day there, with a girl I met named April, she was from Canada and was the same age as me. We rented a motor scooter there and drove around small cobblestone roads, finding private beaches and eating good food. The entire day only cost us $15, for everything. It was cool to experience my first island, and also it was a good change from being in only big cities. The island reminded me of Hawaii. On one beach we went to, on all the trees where rocks tied to branches and also water bottles, so we added to the collection. From Pattaya, I took a bus to Khon Kaen, in northern Thailand, where I am now, writing this sitting in a shack overlooking what once was a lake, that is now dried up.

Red buoy we swam to on Koh Larn, Pattaya
Top of highest hill on Koh Larn, Pattaya
Fellow “Farang” on Koh Larn
You don’t see these in California!

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