The Khaosan Road, a Metaphor for Life

As I write this I am on a bus going to Pattaya where I will be for around 3 days. The Khaosan Road is a famous road in Bangkok Thailand, if you have seen the movie The Beach, with Leonardo DiCaprio, then that is the Khaosan road in all of its glory, but if you haven’t seen that movie (highly recommend), then all you need to know is that the Khaosan is a place you only need to see one time. Filled with tourists, lady boy bars, and people trying to sell you shitty quality suits, it is truly a spectacular sight and place to see, only once.

Just like in the movie The Beach, backpackers start at the Khaosan and make their way to what they hope to find is a hidden paradise, a private island, with no one else except a select few. I guess that is what we are all chasing, whether in Thailand or back home in the states. Only 5 days in Thailand and I’ve learned so much, about other cultures and how other people have the same problems in daily life, politics, and even the struggle of always wanting more. But if you can learn something from other cultures is how to adapt to what you have, and to live a simple life. In Thailand the minimum wage is about 85 cents an hour, and in California it is $12.25 an hour, so one hour of work is the same as 12 hours of work in Thailand. By looking at the numbers that looks like you couldn’t even live off of that amount of money, but everything is relative. The Thai people eat out everyday, have tuk tuk drivers take them where ever they want to go, and they have more free time to spend with family and enjoy the little things in life. Now take a look at your life back in the US, in two weeks you make more than most family’s make in an entire year, but if you wanted to eat out everyday and have a personal driver take you around, you would be considered wealthy, by those standards, but unfortunately most of us are not. So you have to think that if you could adapt to the lower standards, then you would be able to expect less and experience more. It has been an eye opening experience so far. This is just what I’ve observed and wanted to share with others. I think that if we would be able to escape the bubble we live in, in the US, that we would be able to learn from other cultures instead of wanting to push them away. Change is not easy, but humans greatest skill is to adapt to our surroundings. I want everyone to take a look at how they live there own life, and think how you could live a simpler life.


2 thoughts on “The Khaosan Road, a Metaphor for Life

  1. Hello ClayJ
    It’s great to hear that your travels are going well so far. It feels like you’ve been gone much longer than 5 days!
    I like your observant intuitive perspective regarding culture, wealth and how simplicity and minimalistic ways can be very enriching. Keep your eyes and ears open and remain vigilant as you continue your travels. I so much look forward to hearing your adventures as you travel!
    Love Dad


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