One night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok, by Murray Head, the name of a pop song in the 80s, is a funny song, but it is also a very accurate description of what Bangkok is really like. One cannot begin to imagine the peaceful chaos that is Bangkok, Thailand. Right away I knew what I had in store when the guy across from me, on the plane to Thailand, tried smoking a cigarette twice before finally getting yelled at by the Flight attendant. Finally after 14 hours of being in an airplane, we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport. As I stepped through the doors of the airport, a wave of smelly, hot, moist air hit me in the face welcoming me to the first leg of my trip. It was 12:30am as I was dropped off at my hotel room near the airport. Day 1 complete.

Wanderlust hostel, Bangkok

Day 2 started off a little different, I was not as dazed and confused as the previous night, so it all felt real, my dream was a reality, I actually made it. I took a Grab car (same thing as uber in the states, but way cheaper), to my next hostel, near the famous Khoasan road. Right away I met 2 German girls that were also 18 so we spent the day getting food and exploring the city. Easy is an understatement when it comes to finding your way around in Thailand, it is a Disneyland for backpackers and travelers, everything is cheap and accessible. Tuk Tuks are the best and cheapest way to get around, the lines in the streets are invisible to everyone, everyone moves in a fluid motion almost like water. It’s peaceful chaos. There must be thousands of different smells that you come across while walking around the city, no matter what city you are in, but in Bangkok, there are three main smells that I will never forget, moth balls, sewage while walking over sewer grates, and the smell of oil frying food. Mix all three of those together and you have a very nice combo. One thing I will never be able to get used to again when I’m back home, is spending a lot of money on food. The best pad Thai I’ve ever had cost me $1.40.

The Khoasan road

As I write this it is 10am on Friday. I have one more night in Bangkok then I am headed to Pattaya, south of Bangkok. I am going to try and post about once a week. So far this city has taken me in with open arms and I’m excited to see what is in store for me.

German girls, I’m bad with names

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