The Road Unknown

The road unknown is a metaphor for life and how everything down the road is unknown and uncertain. It also is the path that is not known or foreign to ones memory. It is also the name of my blog.

This is my first blog post i’ve ever written. If you are reading this you probably know my plans for the next few months, but if you do not, My name is Clay and I am 18 years old and I am taking time before I head to college to travel around South East Asia for what I am planning is 5 months. I honestly have never done anything like this before, but I am excited to get out of my comfort zone and experience the world! Writing makes me feel exposed to the world, naked almost. It feels as though someone is peering into my head and closely examining my every thought. So this is not going to be easy for me but it will be liberating.

I believe that is where the fun is though, putting yourself in the unknown, winging it and hoping for the best. So far it hasn’t let me down, so hopefully my luck does’t run out when i’m in a third world country. As I write this I have 24 days until I leave and it still doesn’t even feel like a reality. I still feel as though it is just a crazy idea that I had one day. 

I am flying out of LAX and I have a stop in Beijing, China for a few hours, then to Bangkok Thailand. I will be in Thailand for 30 days. For 3 days I will be in Bangkok staying near the Khao San Road, a famous backpacking hub and a place where most people starting their trip begin at. From Bangkok a 7 hour bus will take me to northern Thailand where I will be staying with Tula and his wife Vien, helping out on their jasmine farm. From there I will head to Cambodia, to go temple hoping. Next Vietnam, where I will meet my parents and spend Christmas with them for a week then I am on my own again. From Vietnam to Malaysia by boat, then the Beautiful Islands of Indonesia working my way to Bali finding surf. Then From Indo I will try to make it to the Philippines if I have enough money, ending my journey and flying home out of Manila if I make it to the Philippines, or Singapore, Malaysia if I don’t.

This trip will hopefully teach me to live simply. To live simply is easier said than done. I don’t know how hard will be to only having everything I own stuffed into a 25L backpack, but I will find out!

I only bought a one way ticket there and I am going to let the rest happen along the way. I thank everyone that has taken the time to read this post and hopefully more, and all the support I have received so far.


22 thoughts on “The Road Unknown

  1. Aunt Sandy and I are so happy and excited for you. You are heading for rich adventure and unexpected challenge. We’re looking forward to keeping up with your blog.


  2. Clayton we are so excited for your journey. It’s sort of sad that society and schools basically have a singular path designed for most young adults. I love seeing individuals that have been able to march to their own beat and create their own world. I’m so proud of you that you’ve been able to always blaze your own path. Society will always try to steer you back to center but I know you will always be able to create your own world. Your travels will definitely allow you to think outside of the box and test your comfort zone.

    Thank you for writing this blog and taking us along on your adventure.
    We will be thinking about you at every moment of your journey.

    We love you!
    Dad and mom

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  3. Hi Clayton, so impressed you are doing this. My sister is also heading out that way soon….I am sure she will be happy to show you the ropes about travelling in SE Asia.

    Hope to see you before you go!

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  4. You don’t know me Clayton but I feel I know you from your dad! He is so very proud of you! He has helped me out around my condo a lot! Your adventure to come sounds wonderful! From my lips to God’s ears I wish you all the blessings of a wonderful safe trip! Linda Simmons-Huntington Beach

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  5. Clayton I am so impressed by your drive to experience life. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures from the other side of the world. Truly awesome!

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  6. Wow! Clayton! What an experience! I have to say I’m kinda scared for you but also envious of your courage, strength and determination! This is the perfect time In your life to go on this kind of exploration of the world…and yourself! Will we be able to follow your journey? Through social media or this blog? Good luck! Lots of love being sent your way!


  7. What an incredible journey without an end you have planned for your self! Thanks for being willing to share the adventure with us as you investigate new possibilities while meeting new friends and experience their cultures.
    I can’t wait for your next post!

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  8. Hii clay, its sophie. Youre sooo dope for doing this. Everyone needs to do something spontaneous and wild in their lifes. I love u to bits & pieces, cant wait to see you love bug, im have to have you come visit me in catalina when u get back


  9. Clayton, it’s Joey a friend of your Awesomely Cool Mother. Its wonderful to hear about your upcoming experiences in Asia. I have a few acquaintances out in Vietnam that may be able to assist so let me or you mom know. You will have a blast out there, just remember to be safe with you important Docs and $ other then that “PARTY ON DUDE!”


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